The Yamas for Zoom

The Yamas for Zoom (other online yoga class options are available!!)

The Yamas represent 5 of the 10 pillars of wisdom from the Yoga Sutra. These are the core values of yoga and are to be practiced both on and off your mat. It is a guided path that leads us to joy. Wooohooo!

With all the Facebook, YouTube, Insta TVing and my personal favourite Zooming,  going on in recent times, I thought it would be a bit of fun to keep the Yamas simple and show you how they can relate to your online yoga class. 

Ahimsa: Kindness, Non- harming

Ensure you have enough space to practice freely, clear the area around your mat. Top tip – check overhead for low hanging lighting!

Practice kindness to other participants and your teacher,  by showing patience. We are all in this together and many of us are learning new skills way beyond our comfort zones. Let’s have a giggle if your dog decides to photobomb the class! Or if your teacher makes an awful ‘freeze face’ please see exhibit ‘A’ at the top of this blog!

Satya: Truthfulness

Are you a bit of a technophobe? Be honest, I know I am on a huge learning curve. If technology isn’t your thing do a bit of reading up, ask someone for help or go online a try a test run first. On Zoom you can test your audio mic and video in advance. It is also worth checking how to control your own mic and video, this will save any snoring in Savasana being played out to to a virtual room of people!

Asteya:  Nonstealing

Where possible please be on time, try not to take anything away from the experience for others. I know, technology can get in the way of this but most teachers are online at least 5 minutes before the start of class so try to be as well. Otherwise you may miss key instructions from your teacher at the start of your session.

Think of it as walking into a room full of people in meditation, no one wants to be that person! So allow time for set up, virtually tip toe into the room and try not to boom out loud  ‘Can you her me, is this even on?!’

Brahmacharya: Energy Moderation

Your teacher will be limited by what they can see, you are a small rectangle on their screen. It is your responsibility to keep yourself safe and within a pain free range of movement.

Work with your body, value where you are along your journey, it is important you learn to regulate your efforts and not force the body. You do not need to tie yourself up into a pretzel to enjoy the benefits of yoga. Yoga is about touching your heart not touching your toes (ahhh)

Aparigraha: Generosity

You are in your home (Stay home, stay safe!) offer yourself extra comfort, grab a cushion, a blanket and make the most of having fluffy socks to hand for the end of class. I would recommend bare feet for the main part of your practice, this means you can stretch out your toes and we can all ROOT DOWN TO RISE UP TOGETHER! 

Creative wishes

Lisa (aka Iris Hill, I work under my Nan’s name as a tribute to her)

Online pre recorded Watercolour Wellbeing art and yoga sessions are on their way. The week commencing the 30th March 2020, the first free video will be appearing on The Yoga Shed YouTube Channel