Passionate about Peonies?

I think they just beautiful, I love their golf ball buds that bloom into layers and layers of tissue paper petals. Peonies are known to represent love and honour and are an omen of good fortune. They can live to be 100 years old and still create beautiful blossoms. I love a flower fact, here are a few gems I have discovered about this special botanical.

The Chinese name for the Poeny is ‘sho yu’ which means most beautiful. In Japan and China they mean ‘king of flowers’. The Victorians believed that is you dug up a peony fairies would come and put a curse on you. Their roots are used to treat headaches, to be honest I think just looking at them would help alleviate my aches.

In pagan tradition they represent transformation, their bloom goes through so much transformation from bud to fully open. I was recently told of a wonderful ritual. Take a peony to a flowing water and dedicate the flower to all the things you are ready to let go of, those things you want to move on from. Drop the flower into the water, symbolically this helps us to release what you are holding onto or perhaps has felt sticky and stuck in your life. This can be freeing, allowing your troubles to float away with the water.

They are the latest inspiration for this work, I have also accepted several commissions to express their love emitting blossoming ways. A palette of pinks, reds and a hint of navy really bring this work to life for me. Painted with hand poured mineral pigment watercolours, that includes brush strokes of red opal stone and tigers eye. These pigments are iridescent and add a magical glimmer to the piece, really helping their ethereal energy shine on through.

I am accepting commissions for Autumn 2021, please do get in touch if you would like to discuss your project further and say

I hope you enjoy the peony season, keep an eye out for them on your wanders.

Creative wishes

Lisa (aka Iris Hill, I work under my Nan’s name as a tribute to her)