Iris and the spots, dots and blue ink blots!

Playing with patterns and gorgeous surface design possibilities has kept me entertained for the first part of this year. I’m in the mood for indigo hues, turquoise accents and some luxurious gold finishes, these wonderful creative outlet opportunities are inspiring a new line of work. Product is on the horizon and it is shimmering in all its inky glory! Mark making is therapy for me, I get wrapped up in a cocooned haze of pattern and experimentation, new ways of working lead to fresh compositions. I am delighted with the results and can’t wait to see where it will take Iris Hill as a brand.


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Iris and the mischief makers!

As we approach the new year I begin to plot, plan and put paintbrush to paper.

My favorite pair of the moment, Spider and Fly a tag team of cheekiness! I can’t wait to develop their story in 2016 with a few extra character curve balls to add to the mix. Hope this new year brings you success,  and that you create many new stories to add to your own volume of tales.

photo 1

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Iris and the sketch sessions…

The sun is shining on September today, a beaut of a morning casting shadow and light across my latest sketch book musings. I am experimenting with pattern and texture, turning intricate paper details into my next whimsical character, who waits patiently in the wings for his story to unfurl.

Always experimenting, layering,  building, playing and creating…I like to call it a gorgeous smooshy mess!..


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