‘It doesn’t have to be anything to be something’

The big reveal! We were so excited we could have cried with joy, the feeling when we unrolled this artwork was awesome. Designer Claire Vine and I worked with an inspiring group of young people from Havant CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service). Our aim, to design two clinic rooms and the family room, bringing a calm, colourful and positive vibe for their therapy sessions.

The artwork was created by the group in a series of mark making, printing, watercolour and yoga infused workshops. We created a mountain of work over three days, experimenting with new techniques and following our creative intuition.  Colour filled the walls, texture adorned the pages and our minds were full of ideas and tools to take into our daily lives. I always learn so much from each workshop I deliver and this collaboration was all about courage because creativity does take courage.

Thoughts from the participants…

‘I can now creatively make things and design different things without fear go making mistakes’

‘I will be more open minded about creative arts in the future without negative perception that I can’t do it’

‘I have been reminded that all ideas and pieces that I have/create have value and a place’

‘How to make without thinking to much and that it doesn’t have to be anything to be something’

Flowing lines are evidenced to have a calming effect and these designs are organic, playful, and soothing. Colours have been selected to promote positive wellbeing within the spaces. You may spot a few Ensos in the designs, Enso is a form of mark making that represents one moment in time capturing fluidity in a few seconds. Linking movement with the breath, the Enso shows one breath of its maker, each one is different, none are perfect. It is a celebration of process and not the end product.

Often Therapy rooms can feel clinical but with colourful curves and a flurry of softening texture, perhaps they will feel a little more welcoming.

Massive thanks to everyone at HCT, CAMHS, for driving the project forward, such a feel good job with worthwhile outcomes. Medway Ltd print team were amazing.

This was a pilot project so watch this space!