Creative Collaborations

I am inspired on a daily basis by all things Floral. The level of contact I have with flowers depends on the day – whether it’s simply noticing a print on the clothing I am wearing, a scent in the shampoo I have chosen to use, or whether I am filling the page with floral watercolour.
Flowers have a lot to offer their biggest fans and the potential for growth and inspiration is endless.
Sarah Guild Floral Design, and I were introduced by Vicky Manning, incredible Yoga Teacher and co-owner of The Yoga shed in Wickham . We quickly realised that our mutual admiration for one another’s work could lead to a wonderful collaboration. I now call Sarah my ‘Official Floral Advisor’, and every flower fan needs one of those!
We both live locally to Wickham, Hampshire, UK with our family roots in this very special town stretching back through generations and have lots in common – including our love of childhood books like Jill Barklem’s Bramley Hedge Series and The Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker.
Sarah’s floral creativity adorns events around Hampshire, she has a beautiful wild style to her bouquets, and a respect for nature that makes my heart sing.
As lock down began to ease, nestled into cushioned chairs with cups of peppermint tea, we recently caught up (in a Social Distance way) to chat flowers and plans for the future in the brave new world of ‘new normal’. We started by picking up a card project we started earlier in the year, using some of Sarah’s flowers as a point of inspiration for my painting . I’m really excited to now offer Sarah’s clients to
purchase of our first card collaboration as an extra gift, to make their gift bouquets a little but more special and personal.
This is just the beginning, as I agreed to be one of Sarah’s first guests, chatting flowers, yoga and art with for Sarah’s new project The Flowers Over the Wall Podcast. Which launched this week!!! Please listen, laugh, share and be inspired. Listen to the podcast HERE
It really is a feel good, fill your cup up kind of show.
It’s so good to collaborate, share knowledge and bounce of others ideas, and we look forward to bringing you
more soon.
Creative wishes
Lisa and Sarah