Create your own Intention Cards

My Etsy shop is taking a little holiday, my face to face Watercolour Wellbeing workshops are temporarily postponed, but that does not mean I cannot share the joy of using Intention Cards with you.

My personal intention for Iris Hill Art &Yoga is to INSPIRE (hopefully!), I carry this word around with me everyday.  Setting an Intention helps us to focus and by creating an Intention Card you are visually reminding yourself of that thought for your day, week and beyond! This is great activity for the whole family.

To see the full FREE Intention Card tutorial online please visit The Yoga Shed’s YouTube channel Inner Space You Tube

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Back to our Intention Cards, to start, let us all use the word ‘INSPIRE’. That may translate to you to inspire a smile in a friend or someone you don’t know, or to try something new that inspires you. We are living in a time that focus and positivity is key, perhaps Intention Card creating could be a tool you choose to use in the coming weeks.

You will need:

  • Card/watercolour paper/any kind of paper you have at home, this can be any size I like to use A6 card
  • Art materials – obviously I love watercolours, you could use crayons, pencils, whatever takes your fancy!

Begin by taking a few nourishing breaths, this will help settle your body and your mind

Channel the word ‘INSPIRE’ into your art

Get creative!

You are welcome to use my leaf motif as inspiration (see video), but allow your intuition to come through – this is not about how it looks (hard to get past at first!), more how it feels. This is your art, for you. If the leaf isn’t working for you then try something that does, play, experiment, have fun and make it your own.

Ask yourself ‘What do I want to put out into the world?’ Practice aligning your thoughts with this message.

Once created place your card near your yoga mat, mediation seat, up on the mantle, even in the loo,  place it wherever works for you. This is your regular reminder to stay focused and positive, this will feel easier at times and there will be moments where this feels sticky and that is also OK.

Please share your creativity with me. Tag me in to see your art, Insta @irishill fb @IrisHillArtYoga I would love to see your ‘INSPIRE’ Intention Cards.

Creative wishes

Lisa (aka Iris Hill, I work under my Nan’s name as a tribute to her)