Picture Books

With a passion for picture books, the story of ‘LUNCH’ was developed working in primary education. Spider and Fly encourage even the most reluctant of readers to engage. Their cheeky character prompts each child’s imagination, taking them through Spider’s bizarre thought process and creative problem solving techniques.

Lisa has a strong interest in the Growth Mindset,  challenging attitudes towards failure and celebrating the process of learning are common themes within Lisa’s story writing.

Recently working in the area of  STEAM teaching, a birdytale for her character Buzzby has unfurled. STEAM experiences involve two or more standards from Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and the Arts. Harmonising art within the curriculum proves how inspiring learning can be.  

Lisa often leaves questions unanswered to encourage the reader to fill the gap with their own wonderful ideas. Artistic use of splattered mixed media washes and energetic mark making echo her signature style.

LUNCH is ready to pitch to publishers, please contact us for more information.