Creativity | Art | Yoga
Wickham, Hedge End, Winchester, Hampshire, UK

I am an Artist. Something I say with confidence and passion. But it hasn’t always been that way. My relationship with my creativity has ebbed and flowed, self-doubt and self-judgment have had their say too. The difference is, now I give myself permission to paint, play and make mistakes with my art.

As an Artist and Yoga teacher, I guide us through inspiring meditation, gentle flow yoga and mesmerising watercolour techniques that connect you to your creativity.

Create yourself calm, and take part in my workshops Yoga classes or shop from my range of ethereal cards and artworks.

We celebrate process over perfection, the beauty of simplicity and the irregularity of each swish of the brush. If you are curious and want to connect to your creativity, then give yourself permission to pick up your paint brush.

Be curious, be courageous and create.

Creative wishes,

Lisa (aka Iris Hill, I work under my Nan’s name Iris Hill, as a tribute to her)

My Creative Process

Creativity is my therapy and I feel inspired to share this special practice. I work with a wide range of mediums, including ink, watercolour, pencil, dye and resin. I love to add metallic yumminess, often grounding my work with a precious streak of gold. I use the ‘wet on wet’ technique as a starting point and can often be found painting using a humble cocktail stick. I am on an artistic journey, challenging myself to experiment, to move away from self judgement and believe in the power of play. Linking my movement to my breath, I embrace the ‘beautiful oops’ moments, when things don’t quite go according to plan, there is always a new way of creating to discover.