Yearly Archives: 2013

Iris and the Imagination Monster!

I can not stop writing. It is wonderful, exciting, tiring but mostly it is all round fandabydosyness! I have opened the doors to my imagination and it is all flooding out onto paper. I can see a story in everything! … Continue reading

Iris and The Trout!….

Well well well who do we have here! Meet Aristocracies the monocled moustache wearing trout, with the looooongest most misssssserable pout! Lets face it everybody knows a trout and if you don’t it might just be you!! A little more … Continue reading

Iris Hill and The Sorting Office….

  Iris Hill is now based at the beautiful venue that is The Sorting Office, Eastleigh, Hampshire. We have had a couple of months to settle in so I thought I would share a bit more about my new found, … Continue reading