Wonderful Eve!

Firstly a big Thank you to those of you who attended my first solo show! It was a fabulous eve attended by the glitz and glam (of Southampton!). The fantastic atmospheric pictures are courtesy of Sean Hill.  It is great to see the work up and about, it has also given me the chance to refresh on a few past ideas! To etch or not to etch!

Above: The Maiden, The Mistress, The Soldier

Iris Hill at Style Society… The blog, Sarah-Leigh’s Style Files, http://sarah-leighsstylefiles.blogspot.com/presents the first of its eponymous events STYLE SOCIETY. The party aims to bring Southampton’s (and beyond!) creative minds together for an evening of music, drinks, dancing, creativity and to raise some much needed cash for Oxfam.

There on the night:

• Live bands will keep us entertained, while later DJ Ryan B will be spinning a mixture of 80’s hip hop and funk

• An auction with a host of amazing gifts to aid Oxfam – Style Society aims to build a new classroom providing education to an under privileged community – look out for exclusive gifts from the likes of Reebok, Addict and Hepwrights

• Jam-packed gift bags for the ‘best dressed’ or ‘vintage fabulous’, to be awarded to one super-stylish guy, and one glamorous girl on the night

• A ‘surprise’ fashion extravaganza, courtesy of stylist Sophie Penn

• Resident photographers will be snapping your outfits and asking all about them around the bar and in our photobooth.

• An area of Orange Rooms gives way to the HEPWRIGHT’S VINTAGE LOUNGE – a chill out come dressing up area with the finest stock from Hepwright’s vintage emporium (store located on Queen’s Terrace, Southampton)

• Gallery areas and live art (from the likes of Iris Hill’s Lisa Jean) & DIY crafts, plus many an activity to get involved with! Not to mention a host of Oxfam’s vintage stock to rifle through!

Sunday March 14th from 6.00pm, Orange Rooms Southampton For more info email stylesociety2010@gmail.com.

P.S. Pass on the time/date/place to your fabulous fashionista friends!

As you can see I have been busy making mood boards for the event! An exciting challenge for me to do some work with an audience!

As promised the next DPI interview installment, til next time happy painting!…..

4. Would you please talk about the series works of “The Governess”? What is the main concept of this series and how is the creating process? (Images needed)

I came across a book called ‘Other Woman’s Daughters’ it was all about the Victorian role of The Governess. The way this character was perceived in her time was fascinating to me. She was often extremely solitary, shunned by most of society, yet her roll in education was imperative to how young women would develop in the Victorian era. The series is a set of personnel responses to how she was viewed by the other influences in her life. I particularly like the image ‘ Remove all thoughts of love form your head as the results are seldom matrimony’ the idea that someone would be told to give up on the very idea of love is alien to me! Love is a rife topic of conversation between my friends and me and is an important thread within my work. Certain images allow me to travel back to particular acute emotions. 

5. The other series “Though Puddle”, would you please also talk about this series of works? (Images needed.)

I love working on my Thought Puddles, it is an excuse to put anything on paper with little preparation. What is in my head at the time is what goes down on paper, often creating shapes and seeing what images appear in my minds eye! The blanc page is often an intimidating site, if I am looking for inspiration then I produce a thought puddle. I really enjoy not knowing what the end result will be!

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